Riding Lessons!

Hi guys!  Guess what!  I’m taking riding lessons!  After a LONG time begging my mom, she finally said yes to me taking riding lessons, as long as I keep my grades up during school.  I am super excited, because it means I’m gonna be around horsies again!  YAY!!

I will be posting weekly about my lessons, so you can learn about my riding lessons too!  I might  be able to post pictures of my horsies too, if I can.  haha. I am taking 12:00 lessons at Garrod Farms on Saturdays with Christina.  Maybe I’ll see Dakino (author of Horse crazy) there, and maybe finally actually meet her lease horse, Prima.

Other posts will be coming out sometime in the future. I know this is a short post, but please bear with me while i get used to blogging.

Loves, Divergent!


4 thoughts on “Riding Lessons!

    • Cool! I might not see you there then.. I have to leave, like, immediately on Saturday to go home, shower, and go to a friend’s house (where I bet I’ll fall asleep somewhere there :P)

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