Video: Releasing Horses at Garrod Farms

Do you see my Elko?? 😛


25 thoughts on “Video: Releasing Horses at Garrod Farms

    • Yup! I think my second favorite horse is…Lakota. I know his lope is crazy weird, but I love tall horses and I am always wanting to ride Lakota almost as much as wanting to ride Elko.

  1. My second favorite is my little(actually really tall!) horse named Philip, we have a really good connection I don’t need to tell him what to do!

  2. He is beginner/intermediate horse of course I still love Joe a lot more I am crazy about him! did you meet kass is he nice and what did maya do with buster last saturday when you two were together?

    • I didn’t get to meet Kass, but I did see Emily sitting on him 😛 Maya had to get Christina to help mount Buster becuase of his horrible ground manners 😦

  3. They retired hi, and also because he went lame a lot and had this problem with his leg cause it would always be lame.

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