Week 1:Big Horse, Weird Lope

Hi guys.  My post is late, because I was really busy yesterday after my lesson.

I walked down to the office with Maya from her horse, Buster’s, stall.  Christina assigned us horses, and I was chosen to ride the tall chestnut, Lakota.  They brought him out, and I mounted up.  I walked into the arena and walked around the arena a few times to warm up.

“Everybody jog” Christina told my class, so I squeezed Lakota and sat his super smooth jog. “Now drop your stirrups.” I took my feet out of the stirrups and jogged around the arena.  We walked around the arena while people loped on the inside individually.   I was called into the middle of the arena to lope.  I pulled my outside leg back, squeezed, and kissed, but Lakota only gave me the ‘death trot’. Lakota was oddly reluctant to lope. I kicked a few times, and sat his weird lope.

“He isn’t hard to lope but his lope is hard to sit normally because it is just really joppy and broken up.”  -Dakino

I was surprised to be able to lope and sit his lope. I was also surprised that he wouldn’t lope immediately, and that he was kind of reluctant.  We loped on the other side and then lined up and did the barrel pattern, since the play day is coming up soon.  We cooled down, emergency dismounted, and led the horses out of the arena.

**This post isn’t long, I know, but I did the lesson yesterday and it’s not easy to remember exact details of an hour worth of riding.  Plus, it’s been a day since i rode.**


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