LOL, okay guise, so Divergent and I, went to Garrod Farms for Divergent’s lesson today! Yay! I didn’t ride so I got some pictures! These are the times I wish I had a better camera and not just my crappy phone D:

I was going to edit some, but I got lazy. Ahaha.


Bad lighting :< The face is so dark compared to the rest of it but ahahaha.


LOL, Okay I seriously have no idea if this is Flyer or Tonto. Dakino says Tonto Divergent says Flyer and I forgot. So yeah. ahahah, I’m no good with names and the camera was really blurry here, ew.



And this, is Divergent with Kash ahaha. I edited her face out with gimp and my ugly mouse, aren’t I so pro? Ahaha, but I swear, wordpress makes everything so much blurrier than it actually is.


And this is Divergent being all…

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