Is Equestrian Easy?

So.  I’ve been posting a lot today.  I know, but 2 were of lessons and I just HAD  to post this because I would forget otherwise :p So.  The question is:  Is Equestrian Easy?  I say no.  You actually have to do stuff. Not just you sitting around and the horse doing  everything.  Let’s see some other people’s opinions:

Yes, I know that’s the song used in the Hunger Games trailer :p


And those are just three of the severals of equestrianism videos posted on YouTube.


Loves, Divergent


3 thoughts on “Is Equestrian Easy?

  1. No one understands equestrianism unless your apart of it ;).
    Ahahah but all of my relatives know it’s hard because they are all like, after I do it my butt hurrrts.
    I’m just like, it’s more like the thighs…. ermp

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