Week #2: Kash, not Cash

Hey guys!  I went to my lesson today with Lia, the author of Just That Random Blog.  Christina wasn’t here today, so Chelsea was our substitute.  I got assigned my horse, and mounted the Arabian Kash.  I got him to walk halfway down to the main arena before he acted up and tried to turn around go back to the office.  I split my reins and made him go into the arena, where we warmed up.  I did several rounds around the arena before the whole class got into the arena, when Chelsea told us to raise our hand up high, touch our horse’s ears, and touch his or her dock. When reaching for Kash’s dock, I almost accidentally reached too far, since the last time I did it was during summer camp while riding Elko, who has a really long body.  We repeated with our left hand, and began talking about horse colors.

“Who knows what color their horse is?”  My hand instantly shot up. Chelsea pointed to me “Chestnut.” I told her.  We talked about Murphy’s color, a dun, and Merlin’s blue roan, and Sally’s black coat.  After, we talked about breeds, and I immediately called “Arabian” for Kash, and mustang for Sally, when Chelsea asked what Sally’s whole name was. I asked if something was wrong with Kash’s bit, because it felt like the bit was getting caught on something in his mouth.  I was soo embarrassed when she said no.  We trotted in the arena, and I sat his bouncy jog. “Now who knows how to post?”  I raised my had as Chelsea told whoever knew how to post to post.  Posting easily, Kash and I trotted around the arena. We slowed down to a walk and dropped our stirrups.

The class turned around, and we picked up our stirrups and lined up to lope individually. We walked in our line, and loped around the arena one-by-one. I brought my right leg back (we were tracking left)  and loped Kash, but accidentally pulled back and slowed Kash down to a trot.   Kash tripped on a cone our second round loping,  and broke his gait. Chelsea had us cool our horses down and explained emergency dismount.  She had people who were uncomfortable from dismounting at the walk stop in the middle and emergency dismount, while four people (including me) stayed on the outside to dismount at the walk.  I dropped my reins, dropped my stirrups, and jumped off Kash’s back.

After dismounting, my class played the game doggy.  Doggy is when you lead your horse around and let go of the reins (which are over his or her head) and see if they follow you still.  We played for about 5 minutes, where Kash caught on what we were doing and stopped in the middle of the arena, suddenly interested in a piece of horse droppings (:p).  On our way out of the arena, Chelsea asked what color and breed our horses were. “Chestnut arabian” I said with confidence as I led Kash out.  I had an interesting lesson today….

Horses in the lesson:

  1. Kash
  2. Wiz
  3. Sally
  4. Murphy
  5. Tonto
  6. Chevy
  7. Flyer
  8. Merlin

**Note from Divergent- Hi guys!  I just added a list of horses I had in my lesson for each of my lesson posts.  I will hopefully get most of the horses… it’s just that I’m mostly focused on riding than who is in my lesson.  But yeah, I’m gonna tell you all the horses in my class each week.


10 thoughts on “Week #2: Kash, not Cash

    • LOL i could lope him… it’s just that im used to loping elko and just like checking and releasing the whole time 😛 I got pics so once i finish my algebra homework i’ll add pics

      • Oh. Haha good job. When I rode him I was like LOPE KASH LOPE!!! The first time I rode him he had the smoothest jog on earth…now it’s just like crazy bouncy

        • :p It explains why he’s so easy to post on him xD how’d i get him so collected? LOL i have a pic where he looks JUST LIKE ELKO with the whole head perpendicular the ground thing…. LOL i think something was wrong with his bit LOL i had super slack reins and he would fight and toss his head. and then when he pulled the reins it felt like the bit was slipping over something…..

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