Week #2 Part 1: Before the Lesson

Hello everyone, today I’m doing a lesson, like every saturday for the next few weeks!  I’m taking Lia from Just That Random Blog, so she might post about my class too.  I will try to post today, unlike last week where I was super duper busy and had no way to communicate with you. I am really really really hoping to post today.  I just wanted you to know!


❤ Divergent


19 thoughts on “Week #2 Part 1: Before the Lesson

    • we had Kash, Wiz, Sally, Chevy, Tonto, Merlin, Flyer, uh…that’s all i can remember.. LOL wait no we also had murphhy. im finishing up the end of my lesson post right now. then edit and post

  1. Still trying to figure out who joe fogs friend is and just asking but does anyone where nail polish around horses because my friend wants to know ?

    • LOL i don’t wear nail polish if I’m doing summer camp. DEFINITELY. I don’t know why i did this year… 😛 but it just chips off. You know? Like doing all that work with your hands….. yeah :p

  2. I used to ride all the time but now I am focusing on school because i am in honors everything and I want to keep my a pluses still their.

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