Goodbye, Elko

Hi guys.  I’m going through horse depression right now. Is that a real thing?  It should be.   Maya just told me they sold Elko!  I just wanted to let you all know, I’m extremely upset about this.  I loved Elko to DEATH, having him for the only 2 summer camps I’ve ever done at Garrod Farms so far.  My Elko will stay in my heart forever.  I’m going to miss his sweetness on the ground, and his amazingly smooth lope.  I will REALLY miss Elko.  DDDDD’:

Elko was the horse to teach me what a lope felt like. He taught me how to post.  He taught me how to check if you are on the correct lead.  He taught me how to bridle.  He taught me that dropping cinches spooks horses. My Elko taught me a lot of what I know about horses present-day.  He is never to be forgotten.  He was the start of my extreme crazy for horses, Elko was the best ❤

Love, Divergent


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