Lesson Week #4: Pole Bending?

Hi guys, so I went to the ranch today and apparently they were having an art and wine festival… But anyways, I walked up to the office and got an entry form for the student play day coming up on October 12.  After I gave that to my dad, I waited for Christina to come up and tell us which horses we would be riding for the lesson.  I scanned through the horses and saw one liver chestnut horse that I reallly wanted to ride.  Travis.

Christina walked up to the office porch to assign horses.  She made sure no one was missing and assigned horses.  “You’re riding Travis” she told me.  I nodded my head, but inside I was screaming in excitement.  I mounted the short gelding and got my stirrups fixed. They were way too long.  I walked in and warmed up Travis for the lesson, while all the other riders came into the arena.

After everyone came in, we jogged around the arena. I sat Travis’s nice, bumpy jog while managing our spacing and making sure we were on the rail the whole time.  I wasn’t slacking off this time.  We halted from the jog, people (not me :p) found their spacing on the rail, and we continued to jog.  After, we lined up and practiced some gymkhana activities for the upcoming play day.  First, we did keyhole from the trot, where were we trot into the little box-y area, turned our horses around, and then trotted out.  After everyone finished doing keyhole, we repeated it once more, though we had the choice to lope out if we wanted to.  On my turn, I trotted in, got Travis to turn around, and loped him to the end of the arena.  I absolutely loved his lope for some unexplained reason.  I turned him, but it was hard to get him to walk.  Once he trots, it’s hard to get him out of it. (super mega go horsies ftw! just kidding)

The next thing we practiced was Pole Bending.  Travis and I were first in line, and of course, he was very impatient.  Am I a hot rider, so horses don’t like standing still when I ride them?  I don’t know… I trotted Travis down the center of the arena, trotted him back, and weaved through cones and did the whole pole bending weaving thing (so descriptive right?)  Here’s the pattern:

After the pole bending, Christina had us drop our stirrups and cool down our horses. We practiced emergency dismount from the walk individually, starting with me.  While waiting for everyone else to emergency dismount, I was messing with Travis and tested if he still reacted when you poked his muzzle.  He did!  I poked him in the muzzle gently, and he reacted by acting stunned and pulling his head back (if that makes any sense…) We led our horses out, and right at the gate, Travis decided to pee, so we ended up standing waiting for him to get out of the way of all the other horses.

Horses in the lesson:

  1. Tonto
  2. Tonic
  3. Ben
  4. Merlin
  5. Smokey
  6. Travis
  7. Scotch
  8. Kash 
  9. Buster

😀 Yay guys I remembered all of the horses this week!

Hey everyone, little post-comment.  How would you all like to see me barrel race Travis during the play day?  :p  If he’s allowed to…. I know this post is so horribly written but I am really tired and should be doing homework. 🙂  Also, we didn’t get to lope today, even though I really wanted to lope Travis.

Warming up


3 thoughts on “Lesson Week #4: Pole Bending?

  1. TRAVIIIS! LOL. He’s so cute and chubby. Once when I was riding him Christina was like, “He’s so chubby. He looks like a model horse.” loool. muzzle poking. If a horse turns their head around when I’m riding them, I take my foot out my stirrup and stick my boot infront of their muzzle. They think my boot is the most interesting thing on earth :L.

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