Week #6: Lots of Leg

Hey everybody!  Today Christina wasn’t here, so her sister subbed for us!  I scanned through the horses we were having in our lesson and hoped to get scotch… but noooo, I had to get Smokey.  I mounted him easily, and got my stirrups adjusted before walking into the arena.  Smokey was being very…. bad today. I would be asking him to pass people and he’d stop or ignore me or circle.  During the warm-up, Smokey tried peeing THREE times.  I kept thinking are you kidding me?  and I would kick him to get him to move.  we warmed up, and because of Smokey’s control issues,  we would never have spacing, so we barely got to trot.

Trotting was okay.  We trotted as a group at first, but Smokey messed it all up with spacing and cutting across the arena.  We lined up to lope, and I got smokey to lope easily. I brought my left leg back and gave him a squeeze. Smokey took off loping.  I sat his lope, which was pretty decent, before he broke into a trot again.  I tried asking Smokey to lope again, but he wouldn’t.  We got to the end of the line.  Once our whole class finished our loping, the instructor (I forgot her name :p) set up a boxed area where we had to lope up to and halt. I went after Ben, and kept asking Smokey to lope throughout the round.  When we got to the box, I stopped him before we were even close to the cones (unlike some other people…)

After loping, we cooled our horses down by walking them around the arena and giving them looser reins and dropping our stirrups.  We circled into the middle of the arena and dismounted.  I was assigned second to last to leave the arena, but when i was trying to lead out Smokey, he wouldn’t move. I pulled and turned him, but it didn’t work.  I finally got smokey to walk out of the arena with a ton of encouraging. The trainee took Smokey from me and I got to meet Dakino!  She was nice, and rode *SPOILER ALERT* Mustang Sally.  I left to go grab my play day form, and turned it into the office.  

Horses in the lesson:

  1. Smokey
  2. Tonto
  3. Travis
  4. Kash
  5. Scotch
  6. Chevy
  7. Ben
  8. Willy

Note: Hi!  this post was really short, but it’s really late (to me) here and I wanted to get this post out by tonight.  It is accurate, but I didn’t describe much (again I’m really tired.) No pictures now, but they will be coming soon so check back later!


5 thoughts on “Week #6: Lots of Leg

    • Travis, Lakota, and Kash. Lol i didnt know who to sign up with ! Cuz i dont like smokey……

      Teleporting people: 1. Ginger ale (aka kyle) 2. Brett (aka B) 3. Bryan (aka King George) 4. Justin (aka brewster aka sam chewy errrrr tsui) 5. Sahil (aka mr ta) 6. Slender hahahahahha inside joke….

  1. Yayy. Smokey. My lesson was awk… like Sally was being weirdly lazy and stuff. I could hardly get her to stay jogging :L Now that’s a first. I got her to lope like half a stride lol. 🙂

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