Play Day!

Hey, I’m back with the news about the Student Play Day!  I did CA Speed Barrels, and I was competing against Dakino.  I know, Dakino, more advanced as me, in the same class?  WHAT?  Well, I went up to the office and mounted Lakota, the horse I was riding for the event.  I waited for my turn, and when I got in, I trot Lakota instantly. We did the pattern of CA Speed, shown below, and Lakota wouldn’t lope until after we turned around and we were going back to the finish line.  I didn’t hear my time after walking out of the arena with him, giving him a huge pat on his shoulder.  During the winning announcements, I was so surprised to be in the top 5! After, I was surprised to be in the top 2!  I got First place! Sadly Dakino didn’t place at all. 😦

I also did the Barrel race Open event, and Lakota refused to make tighter turns, and we didn’t place in the BArrel racing events. Dakino got 5th! It was hard to ride a 16 hand warmblood through the cloverleaf pattern…..

I’ll post tomorrow about my lesson!


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