Week #7: Trail Week!

Hey everyone, as the title of this post states, this Saturday was trail riding week for my class. Because of this, I won’t have picutures. (Actually, it’s because Lia didn’t send me her pictures.) Nicole was there again, giving me a better hrose this week. I was assigned Ben, who , according to a yelper, is very very very very very very very slow.

” I had this horse named Ben (I think) and he was HORRIBLE. If they ask you if you could take Ben, say NO. There are some horses that they think you need more “experience” for, but don’t listen to them. If they ask you if you have ridden a horse before, say yes. Seriously, no difference. You just sit there while the horse walks on the trail. You don’t even get to steer or stop the horse by yourself because all the horses only listen to the staff, which is extremely boring.

Anyway, I had Ben and he is apparently the SLOWEST of the bunch. Ben isn’t the reason why I had a bad time, but he was at least part of it. Every minute or so, one of the staff members asked me to “give Ben a kick.” And I have. Several times. I kept “kicking” him in order to get him to go faster because there was a HUGE gap between my father and the rest of the group and they told me to not do that. If you really didn’t want me to do that, then maybe you shouldn’t have given me this horse.”

I must disagree with this person. We went on a trail ride, and sure, I was in the back, so i got held back, but Buster was walking slowly and Merlin was getting slowed down occasionally for spacing. But Ben, he is not that slow.  During the whole lesson, I was the one slowing him down so he wouldn’t run into Buster’s rear end.  We got to trot in most of the uphill, and other than Nicole and me, who were posting, everyone in the whole trail was bumping around in the saddle, almost falling off.  It was very relaxing and fun to go on the trail, even though I didn’t get to lope this week.

And now for my rant.

In the quote, it says that you can say you are experienced and no difference. NO.  I would like to see that person mount Utah and see how she reacts to him flipping out from standing still. I bet they’d fall off. Another thing that makes no sense is that you just walk and the horse does everything.  There’s a reason. You probably got Ben because they know you aren’t experienced, so they gave you a horse who knows what to do with first-timers. And they said “kicking”  what does the quotation mean?  It’s kicking, or barely tapping them on the side.  I bet the person wasn’t even kicking.  Kicking a horse is where you kick them so hard, you can hear it.  If you have to kick them that hard, them do it.  It won’t hurt them that much.  I was told that what a horse bite from another horse feels like a pinch. And horses bite each other a lot.  Maybe, the person was just not kicking correctly, in the wrong place, so Ben didn’t know what he was expected to speed up.

Sorry about my rant.. I’ll be doing a post about yelp complaints some other time.  That’s it for now! Toodles!


13 thoughts on “Week #7: Trail Week!

    • no, i have one more week, but then i have a make-up. and i might be continuing because then I can carpool with lia (just that random blog) so my mom doesnt have to drive me every week

    • i don’t remember well, but she is decent at riding. Now you reminded me how apparently i’m really good at riding. I’ll post a picture/video later on, hopefully

    • ?

      Teleporting people: 1. Ginger ale (aka kyle) 2. Brett (aka B) 3. Bryan (aka King George) 4. Justin (aka brewster aka sam chewy errrrr tsui) 5. Sahil (aka mr ta) 6. Slender hahahahahha inside joke….

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