Week #9: SHOCKER!

Hola my fellow peoples!  Christina was back today for lessons, and our class was relatively small.  Only 6 students. Christina let us choose our horses, giving us the option of 2 or 3 to choose from.  By the time she asked me who I wanted to ride, I had the choice of Ben, Travis, and Philip (i think!). Without even thinking, I immediately told Christina that I wanted to ride Travis.  She offered another horse for me to ride, but I stuck with my Travie-Poo, since I knew she was going to offer him to me. Tori, who was my camp counselor this year, went up to Travis and tightened his cinch, bringing him up to the mounting block (err… tree stump).  I walked Travis into the arena, to warm him up for the lesson.

By the time the 5 other horses got in, (it took them a long time…) Travis was ready to go. Christina asked us to jog our horses, and I got the speedy horse to give me a slow, controlled, western jog.  I kept him at that speed, and people actually had to pass me.  We practiced halting from the jog a few times, and Travie was especially good at that. Then Christina had us post. It was really hard to post on Travis, probably because he was doing a small, non-bouncy/joppy western jog that was best to sit. After, Christina had us line up to lope.  When Travis and I were next in line to lope, Travis became overexcited and tried to lope with Willy.  I held him back until both Christina and I were  ready to lope. When I loosened his reins and brought my outside leg back, Travis darted. I pulled back on the reins the whole time to get him to give me a not-too-fast canter, instead of a fast, speedy, go-as-fast-as-you-can canter. I got to the back of the line and praised him for loping.  We loped again, and then had our horses not lope, and only trot around the arena. That was hard, considering I had the speediest horse out of the whole group (unless we were trotting, then I had the slowest). We reversed directions, and loped tracking left. after, we jogged a bit more and cooled our horses down, dropping our stirrups and giving them their heads.

Christina called us all to turn into the middle and dismount. I grabbed Travis’s mane along with his reins, and hopped off. Whoa, he’s short.  Last horse I rode was Smokey, who is at least a hand taller. We led our horses around the arena once, Travis doing a slow snail walk.  When I was exiting the arena, Christina surprised me. She said, “I’d like to see you in the 1:00 class next week, if that’s okay with you.”  I was in shock, and said “okay, I’ll see you at 1:00 next week!”  and led Travie-Poo up to the office, where Tori asked me if he was speedy today. I replied with a quick yes, and walked over to talk to Dakino.  Before I left, her dad started asking me questions (which was kinda awkward….) But I was so excited!  1:00 intermediate class next week!  I can’t wait to learn new things on more advanced horses. Dakino, want to tell me what we do in the intermediate class?

Horses in the lesson:

1. Travis

2. Chevy

3. Smokey

4. Willly

5. Philip

6. Buster (I think?)

Sorry, no pictures this week 😦


15 thoughts on “Week #9: SHOCKER!

  1. My dad being awk… lol They have buster in your lesson? lol. Errr… You start by doing warm up three circles walk each direction (sometimes 2… :L) three jog each direction, and generally three small circles at the walk in each direction. I like testing the horse out during the warm up by like halting them from the jog, backing them up and stuff like that. See you next week 😉

    • He rode jupiter, i love… Dapple grays and bays

      Teleporting people: 1. Ginger ale (aka kyle) 2. Brett (aka B) 3. Bryan (aka King George) 4. Justin (aka brewster aka sam chewy errrrr tsui) 5. Sahil (aka mr ta) 6. Slender hahahahahha inside joke….

    • I’m thinking of doing a CAT for either Western A or B… I don’t know.. if not I’ll either do Western C or Jr. Rodeo… depends on how well I do during lessons :p because if I get those crazy horses *cough* zazu, utah, etc *cough* which i probably will in like.. a few weeks… I’ll do Western B so I don’t have to bridle all the campers horses lol

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