The New Class

On my last post below, I noted that I was moved up to the next level in group lessons.  This means instead of taking lessons at 12:00 every Saturday, I will be riding the more advanced horses at 1:00.  Yay! I’m finally almost the same level as Dakino! I can’t wait to ride in the intermediate class, but I am also extremely afraid.  What if I am the worst rider there?

The good part about getting moved up to the next level is that I can learn more about horseback riding.  On Saturday, I chose to ride Travis, who is normally in the 1:00 lesson. Christina hasn’t taught me how to ride for a month, because of absences from both of us. I was offered to ride Travis, unlike anyone else in my class who were only allowed to ride the beginner horses.  After my lesson, Christina told me to meet her in the 1:00 class!

I am engulfed in excitement and happiness, but at the same time, I am filled of terror.  What if I have to ride Utah?  or Zazu? or Shooter? or Cisco!  I don’t think I’m ready to ride them!  I bet I would only be able to control Centaur, Murphy, Travis, and maybe Jetta. Maybe. Still, I’ll be learning a lot more, so I can become a better CAT for camp next year.  CATs get the advanced horses, like Zazu, Utah, Jetta, Chuck-E, etc.

This lesson has a specific warm up, which I don’t know either.  It is very scary to be the new student in a class of advanced riders, and I’m hoping they are going to be kind to me while i slowly learn the new routine of the intermediate class.



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