Lesson: Turn on the Haunches

Hello everybody!  This week in my lesson, Christina was back (yay!). She assigned our horses, and gave me the adorable pony Jupiter. Jupiter, or Jupe for short, is a short chestnut horse with a large star. Dakino was assigned Snickers.  I waited for Jupiter, until I was the last person to mount. My stirrups were way too long, so I got them adjusted and walked into the arena.

As the last one in the arena, I walked Jupe around twice, practicing halting and reversing him before walking int he other direction. We finished walking, so I asked Jupiter to jog. “Use the whole arena for now.” Christina told us, so I rode Jupiter all the way down to the edge of the covered part of the arena. I practiced halting him from the trot, until Christina told us to stay in half of the arena as we normally do. Christina had us lope around once. “Jupiter, lope on the inside. Pedro too.” She told, so I asked Jupiter cautiously to lope, knowing he tended to be a speedy horse. Jupiter began to lope, not speeding like he normally would. He broke down into a trot, after going into a really tight circle for loping.

After everyone in the class loped, Christina told us to split our reins, riding with a rein in each hand.  We


walked around the arena, reversing occasionally by turning on the haunches (which I failed at).  Later, my class did the same thing, but at the trot. Christina asked us to lope individually, and when it was my turn, I tightened my reins a bit and asked Jupiter to lope. He loped, but again broke into the trot.  I asked him to continue loping, and after another round around the half of the arena, I halted him and reversed him a few steps.

“Now, we’re going to trot one at a time to the cone, turn on the haunches, trot back, turn on the haunches, and trot to the end of the line”  I followed Christina’s instructions, trotting down to the cone, pushing Jupiter off the rail. I turned him, though I accidentally used the incorrect leg.  I trotted back to Christina, using the correct leg to turn Jupiter this time. I trotted back to the end of the line.

We repeated that one more time, and dismounted. I led out Jupiter, remembering his amazing lope and the turning on the haunches. Dakino and I watched Christina ‘teach Zazu a lesson’, since he was misbehaving and rearing during the lesson.

Horses in the lesson:

  1. Jupiter
  2. Snickers
  3. Rey
  4. Mustang Sally
  5. ZaZu
  6. Pedro
  7. Jetta
  8. Murphy

Yay I got all the horses this week!  I hope so at least….



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