Weather Update

Hi everyone! I just looked outside my window. Perfect….. (Sarcasm intended) it’s rainy and cold.  I really hope the rain stops, because it’s just making the horse even grumpier. It’s also windy. Very windy. Horses don’t like wind either. Since I have a riding lesson today, I’m really hoping the weather gets a little better…. I just started riding in the intermediate class, with the horses who are crazy already without this rainy, windy we


4 thoughts on “Weather Update

    • I will when i get home. Its my grandma’s birthday

      Teleporting people: 1. Ginger ale (aka kyle) 2. Brett (aka B) 3. Bryan (aka King George) 4. Justin (aka brewster aka sam chewy errrrr tsui) 5. Sahil (aka mr ta) 6. Slender hahahahahha inside joke….

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