Lesson: Huge and Bouncy

What’s up, everyone! I think Dakino has a post with the same title. I did not name this the same on purpose.  This week, it was cold… but not rainy and windy like it was earlier that day. I was almost late, but made it to the lesson just in time to hear who everybody would be riding. Christina assigned Dakino ‘Walnut’ (Utah). I was assigned the tallest horse owned by Garrod Farms, Nicoya.  Nicoya is a tall, maybe 17hh bay warmblood(?). He has a super bouncy/springy jog, and a decent, but slightly odd lope.
I walked up to the mounting block before the employee even mentioned who he was. I mounted up the beast, not even intimidated a but by his massive size. The stirrups were too long—by a lot. I got them adjusted and walked him into the main arena.
During warm up, Nicoya tested me. He would randomly stop while walking, and I kicked him and nudged him, trying to get him to move. “Smack him with the reins.” I did. Nothing. I smack him on the butt and kick and click. Nothing. I kick, click, and smack his shoulder. He takes a few steps. I continued this routine every time he stopped. “Now get your horses to jog.” I tried, but Nicoya stopped. I kicked, kicked, and clicked. Nothing. I smacked him on the shoulder with the reins, and he sped up into a slow, springy jog. Nicoya’s jog was slow, but his strides were super long, making me catch up to the rest of the horses jogging slowly.
We worked on jogging, and loped afterward. We had to lope once around the arena, halt, turn to the outside of the arena, lope 2 circles. We were to halt then, turn to the outside, and lope one more circle before praising our horse.
A few horses went before me. Christina called me in to the center of the arena. I kicked nicoya, kissed, and smacked him with the end of the reins. He loped immediately, until he suddenly veered left. I turned him back to the inside of the arena, and loped him. I halted him, loped, and he tried to veer again. Three times. I turned him around, and loped once more. I praised him
Christina made us get into partners. I partnered with Jetta and his rider. We did some walking and jogging together. We also practiced turning and reversing in partners. After some pair riding, we practiced some drill team. We rode down the centerline and split up a few times, before we did pinwheel. In it, we had Utah and Dakino on the outside, then me and Nicoya, and Jetta next to me. We did pinwheel, but Nicoya and Utah got annoyed by each other and Nicoya attempted to kick Utah.
Horses in my lesson:

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