Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers!  Thanksgiving is a special time where you get to be thankful for everyone and everything for what they did for you.  The definition for Thanksgiving on dictionary.com is “the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, especially to God..”   So I am going to list all the people I am thankful for:


  1. Ace- the first horse i ever rode
  2. Elko- taught me most stuff I now know about riding horses
  3. Pluto
  4. Merlin
  5. Tonic
  6. Tonto
  7. Lakota
  8. Kash
  9. Chuck-E
  10. Travis
  11. Smokey
  12. ZaZu
  13. Pedro
  14. Jupiter
  15. Nicoya

Surprisingly, these are mostly in order in which horse I rode. All these horses I listed I have ridden at least once, and they have provided me new skills to practice when riding.  For example, Pedro taught me that not all horses can deal with being away from the herd for long periods of time. Jupiter taught me how to do a turn on the haunches for the first time.  Lakota was the first horse I loped a pattern on.  All these horses listed above taught me different things.


  1. My dad- for taking me to the ranch and doing everything you do for me.
  2. My mom- for taking me to the ranch and doing everything you do for me.
  3. Dakino- for teaching me about horses on her blog and teaching me about the intermediate class.
  4. Christina- for being a very helpful riding instructor and teaching me a lot of what there is to know about horseback riding.
  5. Wooju, Sarah, and Areebah- for being awesome best friends and keeping me company.
  6. Other people in my horse life who I know.
  7. Jordyn- for being a good friend and taking me home every day from school (Thanks to her mom too!) and being an amazing jumper.


  1. Garrod Farms- for letting me take lessons and do summer camp every year. 
  2. Horse Crazy- for being an awesome blog all about Garrod Farms. 
  3. Dressage Life- for being another amazing Garrod Farms blog.

Now time to celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey and tons of family! 🙂  

Talk to you later guys!  



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