Lesson: Reluctant to Lope

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been really inactive lately. I have been having a super duper busy past two weeks, my teachers giving me loads of homework (cough a project and a speech) so I haven’t gotten time to post.

Last week’s lesson was pretty simple, actually. If you didn’t see my other post about my lesson, here’s what it said:

we warmed up

we jogged

we did arm circles
we loped
we jogged loose rein
we loped
we jogged loose rein
we loped
we cooled down
we dismounted
That, to be honest, was basically what we did in our lesson last week. Christina let us choose who we wanted to ride, and she offered our lesson Lakota. The tall, sorrel/chestnut (part)warmblood gelding that I loved. Dakino rode Mr. Candy Bar Snickers again this week.When they led out Lakota, he looked wet.  Really wet.  Probably because it had been raining just before the lesson. I mounted Lakota, and my stirrups were adjusted.Lakota really likes his spacing between horses, so while everybody else was mounting in the area, Lakota’s ears were pinned back so far, it looked like he didn’t have ears from the front. I walked Lakota into the arena, warming him up. When we were jogging, he had a really slow, lazy jog.
While jogging, Christina had us do arm circles. I didn’t really hear what the instructions were, so I did random arm circles. We switched arms, circling our right arm to the beat of our horses’ jogs. Next, we did a little bit of loping. Lakota was extremely reluctant to lope, which was really abnormal. He used to lope immediately from a walk.
Then, Christina had us jog with a loose rein. Lakota was still excited from loping, so he refused to slow his jog into a western jog, or listen to my steering commands. We pretty much repeated this for the rest of the lesson.
So I meant to post this last week, but I got new boots! They’re Ariat… so they’re really really comfortable. I also got to ride a gypsy horse! He was sooooo cute and fluffy <3.  One more thing. I met my first stallion! His Name was Kaloo Seviba, and he’s really calm for a stallion. We had 5 people in his stall and he didn’t care. He just stood still, looking for attention (isn’t that so sweet?)
Sorry, No Pictures  this week

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