Lesson: Death Trot

How’s it going, my awesome readers? Today, we had another… More relaxed lesson. We were assigned horses this week, and christina gave me Snickers. Cool. I wanna ride him…. Dakino got assigned the new horse at Garrod Farms, a 3 or 4 year old mare named CeCe (don’t know how to spell her name?) When mounting, Snickers was right behind the young mare, who got mad because of spacing. I got my stirrups adjusted and walked into the arena.
During warm up Snickers broke down from the jog a few times, and I nudged him to continue his slow western jog. Cece wasn’t used to “jogging” and instead rocketed into a fast trot, so we ended up jogging around the arena with long, relaxed reins again. Except for CeCe and Zazu…(of course)
Time to lope. I knew Snickers had a habit to go straight into a death jog, and wouldn’t lope. I shortened the reins a little, and asked him to ease into the lope. NOPE. Snickers went straight to his signature death trot. I slowed him down to a slow jog, and asked again. He loped off and I rode it, keeping pressure on him so he couldn’t break down into the jog again.
We reversed directions, and did more jogging with long reins. We circles without using our reins, and loped again. Christina forgot about me. So i had to remind her that I hadn’t loped yet. I asked him, and he barely did any death trot. I got him to lope sooner than Dakino? No way! I got him to lope without death trotting too much! I praised him, and we dismounted and led our lesson horses out of the arena.
Today, Snickers was really good, but was really…. Skittish/angry today. He spooked at something… A cone? And then getting mad at Jetta for spacing issues…..

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