Lesson: Finally

Hey everyone, I know this is 2 weeks late. I know. 2 weeks. I’ve been really busy over the holidays, and having no lessons is making me less into writing I guess… but I’m finally posting about my lesson! Yay!

Let’s just say one thing first. That Saturday, it was cold.  And rainy (luckily not windy!)

Christina let us pick our horses, and no one chose Centaur yet.  I was hoping to ride him, so I chose him. Dakino rode Utah..er…Cece. No.. Utah.. CeCe? Click here to figure out. (tehehe I like the header, Dakino..) Since it was raining, we mounted our horses inside the arena, so I followed the employee and horse.  After getting on, I got my stirrups adjusted and walked off.  Oh, no. My stirrups are uneven.

I walked Centaur into the middle of the arena, and Chrsitina fixed it before I continued to sit Centaur’s weird smooth/bumpy jog.  His jog is sometimes kind of smooth, but at other times really bumpy.

We loped, and so I sat his amazing lope. It wasn’t hard to scoop, like Lakota’s lope, and it wasn’t speedy. (*cough* Cisco *cough*).  We loped again, the other direction and I enjoyed his smooth lope. Christina made us to a pattern, where we were supposed to trot and weave through some cones, then do a serpentine, trot to the end of cones, and then reverse. (get a better description on Dakino’s post in the link above) Centaur behaved perfectly, but wouldn’t come to a complete stop after backing up, so we had to do that a few times. After taking teh horses up after the lesson, we had a cookie party!

sorry the post is written horribly, and it’s late, I’ve been realy busy 😛 I went to Palm Springs and just got home today. There won’t  be lessons again until 1/5/12 so I might not post until then (lazy me…)

Happy Holidays everyone!



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