Lesson: Go, or No?

Hi everyone! This week, I rode Willy, a cute bay gelding who was in my summer camp last year. Mounting him, my stirrups were way too long, so I got them shortened. A lot. But they were still long the whole lesson. We walked around the half of the arena, until Christina told us to use the entire arena instead of just half.

I asked Willy to continue walking down the long end of the arena, without him trying to turn into the track that was made from classes before. I asked him to trot, and sat his speedy, bouncy trot. “Have Willy lope around half the arena, then the whole arena, then half the arena.” Christina told me. I brought my outside leg back, kicked and kissed, but he only gave me a “death trot”.  Finally, I got him to lope. Willy’s lope is weird, and it feels really speedy even though it isn’t.

“Now halt him at the cone.”

Wait, what!?

I pulled back on his reins and sat deep in the saddle, but Willy slowed to a walk. I pulled back even more, and he slowly crept forward until he reached a halt. I backed him up until we were next to the cone. “Now trot him to the cone, and when you get there, halt.” I did so, twice. He still wouldn’t stop immediately.  I praised him, and walked around the arena while the rest of the class loped.

We changed directions by doing a turn on the haunches, and did the same thing.(Willy still is new to lateral work..)   Apparently, my reins were super long and loose on him. Ooops. Willy still wouldn’t lope immediately, so I backed him up. Everybody else loped, and we cooled down and took our horses up to the office.

I learned that if I had to choose if Willy were a “go” or “no” horse, he’d be considered a “no” horse. (aka a cold horse). He’s really lazy…..


I was watching the recording of the lesson that my mom took, and noticed a lot of problems I need to fix:

  1. My hand is too high when I pull back on the reins
  2. I was leaning back too much when loping
  3. My stirrups were waay too long
  4. My legs are still a little too far forward

Dakino and I walked around, and I took pictures again! Yay! But they’re still on the camera, along with my lesson pictures. So no images yet for this week D: This was written really badly, but my mind is still asleep because of 2 weeks of holiday break at school. Or maybe my writing is just getting worse…



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