Lesson: That Poor Cone (again…)

Hello everyone!  Today, we had another lesson and Christina assigned our horses. I got the one and only Utah. he’s a tall chestnut horse with a blaze/bald face and one blue eye. I was talking to Dakino, so she reminded to go mount Utah when a trainee brought him up to the mounting block. I walked up, climbed the tree stump, and hopped on the gelding. The stirrups were way short, so I got them lengthened. Again, I had a weird feel of stirrups because I didn’t notice the stirrups were super uneven until halfway through the lesson. The trainee tightened his cinch, but Utah was acting like a girthy horse and stepped away from the trainee while she tied the cinch.

Utah speed-walked into the arena, with his quick walk that makes it look like a pace. We speed-walked around the arena, passing almost everyone in our class. I halted him and reversed him- he tossed his head and backed up. I turned him around, and walked him three laps the other way before gently asking him to jog. He broke into his fast, bumpy jog while I sat deep in the saddle and breathed to stay in the saddle. I checked and released, and Christina had us circle. “Now drop your stirrups”

I dropped my stirrups, and kept Utah jogging. I pushed my heels down, and relaxed my hips and sat his weird jog. We did some changing directions more, since our class had some issues

We jogged a bit more the other direction, before walking and doing more arm circles. We switched hands and reversed directions, doing arm circles with our left arm.  Next, Christina made us line up in the sunlight of the arena, to do a pattern. It looks kinda like this:

Hah.. I used paint to make it on my laptop. And drawing it wasn’t easy… Well I asked Utah to jog forward, and he transitioned to a fast trot. when I got to the first cone, I brought my left leg back, squeezed, but he didn’t lope. I tapped him on the sides a little, and he sprung into his lope… speedy, but because of his long stride. I think. =] When we were approaching to go into the middle of the cone, I started leaning into the turn, so I pressed my right seatbone down in the saddle, cueing for Utah not to make a circle that was too tight. Approaching the halt, I prepared to stop him. He screeched to a halt a few feet in front of the cones, so I backed him up (with head tossing) into the cone. Woops. (Dakino and I both made him run over a cone on accident.. click here to read about it) I praised and walked him to the end of the line.

We did the same thing, but in the other direction. The direction he doesn’t normally pick up the correct lead on. Christina warned me, but it still felt just as smooth as on the correct lead. “Oh! He’s on the left lead now!” Christina commented when I was doing my first circle around the arena. This time, the run went smoothly and Utah halted immediately, right next to the cone without needing to back up. I praised him, and went to the back of the line. We cooled off, dismounted, and walked our horses up to the office. Utah is great with leading, he doesn’t invade space (*cough* Zazu…) and he halts whenever you stop walking.


Alright everyone, time for my author’s note 😀 So we got a new student in our class today, and she did really well!  Dakino didn’t ride Cece.. a first. :] Okay. I think I’m obsessed with Utah now LOL. And guess what? PRIMA’S BACK!! *does happy dance* hah.. I feel like I’m forgetting something.  Oh yeah. My stirrups were super uneven, and I noticed like halfway through the lesson. It was bothering me…..Sorry this was posted so late… I got busy over the weekend at the Pet Expo and auto show….

Dyvergent ♥


50 thoughts on “Lesson: That Poor Cone (again…)

    • do you steer with legs? xD B is like the perfect level for you right now.. in C you’re supposed to be able to stay on the rail without too many issues

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