Lesson: Rey Rey!

Hello everyone! This week, Christina assigned our horses again, giving me the Arabian, Rey. Dakino actually got an easier horse this week, the dun horse Murphy!  My camp counselor from over summer, Tori, led him up to the mounting block and I got on with the stirrups way too long. I got them shortened until they were comfortable and walked into the arena.


Rey had a speedy working walk, and we warmed him up, walking around the arena  a few times before jogging. I sat his speedy, bouncy trot when Christina told us to drop our stirrups. I took my feet out of the stirrups, and sat deeply in the saddle. We picked up our stirrups and did some trotting with long reins. I lengthened Rey’s reins a lot, sitting even deeper in the saddle and counting 1,2,1,2 in my head to keep him jogging slowly.

We did leg yielding next, where we would start parallel to the rail and have our horses leg yield to the inside of a cone. I walked next to the rail, and used my right leg to apply pressure onto his side, asking him to do the lateral movement. It took him a few tries to figure out what we were doing, but he soon figured out. Then, we did it at a jog. We switched directions, and Christina set up some cones we were supposed to walk/trot through. Rey went through the cones most of the times, and after we cooled off and dismounted. I led him out of the arena and returned him to the office



A/N:  Hey everyone, Dyvergent here! This week’s post was incredibly boring and written horribly. 😦 Well, Prima’s back and we visited her after class!  She was extremely excited to see us, and nickered to us a bunch. We didn’t lope this week in the lesson, but the class was still super fun. I accidentally posted a Just Horsin’ Around a week early.. It was supposed to post this coming Wednesday. Extra pictures for you then, I guess! I’ll post pictures from my hike around the ranch later.. so bye!!

Dyvergent ♥


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