Lesson: So Many Spooks

Hello world! This post is supposed to be on Saturdays/Sundays, but I’ve been busy and lazy.

shooter blur

It was warm and sunny on Saturday, so Christina decided that we were going to go on the trails in the Fremont Older Open Space Preserve. She let us choose horses this week, so I chose the steel/dapple gray horse, Shooter, since I had never ridden him. Christina gave Dakino the option to choose, though there was only one horse left. Zazu. (To read about it, click here.) I mounted Shooter, and my stirrups were perfect. I got my cinch tightened, and got in line for the trail behind Centaur, in front of Pedro. I was second to last in the line.

We departed after Christina mounted Cisco. Shooter and Pedro were walking slowly, so Christina stopped the group to wait for the two of our horses to catch up. After leaving the ranch’s property, we trotted up a slightly inclined hill. Shooter sprang forward, and even started loping! I pulled back on the reins until he stopped loping (he didn’t try to run through the bit.. like Joe..) and posted his bouncy trot.

We walked again, until we trotted a little bit again. Shooter loped again. Then, he spooked at a stationary ranger truck (did I use the right stationary/ery..?) We walked our horses down a muddy hill, though Zazu and Shooter agreed with something- they wanted to trot downhill.

“We went out, and for some crazy reason, he just seemed to always try to trot down the hills, which isn’t safe for horses with riders on them.  For the most part, horses go really slow down hills to keep safe and choose better footing.  Zazu?  Complete opposite.”  `Dakino

Shooter was basically acting the same as Zazu….so I checked and released, making sure Shooter wouldn’t try to trot down the hill. Later, we took a trail I had never been on and went up a fairly steep hill (it was muddy…) and Shooter still tried trotting up. Christina took us onto a narrow trail along the side of a hill. When we got off of it, I could feel Shooter tensing up, getting spooked a little bit by the hikers next to the trail.

We returned to the ranch, walking to the ‘poop loop’. While passing the rows of trailers, Zazu spooked, and Snickers spooked too. His rider fell off, and everyone else spooked. We calmed our horses down and caught the loose horse. Christina walked Snickers down the arena while we all followed, but while turning around Shooter spooked too. I stayed on, and calmed him down.

“Okay, so we went down around and I could not figure out what it was or why, but out of the blue, Zazu spooked, swerving and then loping off to the right.  It was weird to gain control of him since I was riding in one hand.” ~Dakino



A/N:  So this week’s lesson was pretty chaotic, and we took a trail. So no arena this week! Eileen, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re okay!  This is my 50th post! Can anyone believe it? I can’t!

And Prima’s back, as you may know from Dakino’s post. But YAY!


Dyvergent ♥


8 thoughts on “Lesson: So Many Spooks

    • Lol she just doesnt let anyone pick him and she never ever assigns him. And bucking is allowed…. Kinda lolol like cisco bucks during lessons and all the other horses have occaisional bucks. But Zazu was rearing and running through the bit and not listening to his rider.

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