Lesson: You’re not a Rodeo Horse… Anymore

Howdy y’all! Christina assigned horses, and I got assigned the fastest horse at Garrod Farms, Cisco! I walked up to the mounting block, and got on with super long stirrups. I got them adjusted, and Cisco speed walked into the arena. During the warm up, we had to circle and cross the arena bunch.

Christina told us to jog, and i slightly touched Cisco on his sides, and he lurched forward into a speedy trot. I sat deep and checked the reins, but he wouldn’t slow down. “Now post”. I tried to rise, but my legs were so far forward, I couldn’t raise up out of the saddle. He trotted faster. I checked again, until he jogged slower. Which he didn’t.

Next, we lined up to lope. We were supposed to lope around half the arena, do a rollback, lope around the arena to where we did the rollback, do another rollback, halt, and reverse. (Make sense?) When we were next in line, Cisco got excited and I circled him. It was our turn to go, soon, and I had to hold Cisco back from bolting forward.

I released pressure on his mouth and tapped his sides and he lurched into the lope. I checked on the reins and didn’t release until he slowed down. Which he didn’t. Again. He ran through the bit, and started to buck. Cisco, you’re not a rodeo horse…amymore. I scolded hi, as Christina said, and continued loping until we got to the halting point. Where he halted.

Then, he tried walking but I stopped him and asked him to do the rollback. (A rollback is when you lope, halt, turn on the haunches to the outside, and lope off). I asked him to lope again, and Cisco bolted off, bucking again. We halted, and backed up. I praised him and we cooled down after everybody did the exercise.

We emergency dismounted, and led our horses up.


A/N: sooo.. The post is late. Again. I’ve been really super busy lately (and the Super Bowl :[ 49ers lost). I also had to finish a book for english.. But I finished and had the time to post! Hopefully it turned out okay… i didn’t get to edit it (HAH. i never edit,.)

Talk to you later guys!
Dyvergent ❤


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