Cisco Pictures

Hah, I lied. I said I’d post this a few days ago. But I had to finish a book for English…. haha. Well Dakino has been getting her images stolen on Instagram, and (though I don’t have one) I’m going to be marking my photos. Just in case 🙂  So if you find a stolen photo of mine, please inform me by leaving me a comment somewhere!

Well, on to the pictures!  Just to inform you, if the title of my last post made no sense (Lesson: You’re not a Rodeo Horse…Anymore), here’s some helpful information. Cisco, the horse I rode is an ex-gymkhana horse. To be more specific, he is an ex-barrel racing horse. That’s why he’s so hyper and speedy 🙂


Hah. Yeah. I have an arm chair seat… I really need to fix this tomorrow. [Haha… Dakino petting a peeing Centaur in the back. Yes, I’m weird]


See you tomorrow (hopefully)!

Dyvergent ♥


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