Lesson: Is Weaving Cones Really That Hard?

Sorry everyone, I’ve been slacking off. A lot. And I should not be using homework as an excuse, since the past 4 days, I have been sitting around doing nothing. But during last week, I was loaded with tons of homework. Even Christina was asking “But you shouldn’t have this much homework at your age…”

The post that was supposed to come last week will be posted at the bottom of this…

Christina let us choose our horses today, and I decided on the dapple gray horse, Shooter. I remembered riding him on the trails, and hoped he would be just as fun to ride in the arena. Dakino rode Lakota (click here to read more about it). I mounted, got my stirrups adjusted, and walked him into the arena. We warmed up, and I rode Shooter’s bouncy/springy jog. Christina had us weave cones while doing rounds in the arena, like we have normally been doing the past few weeks.

We lined up to weave cones, the ‘hard’ direction. I asked Shooter to jog, but he shot into the lope. I got control over him, and weaved him around the cones on the short end of the arena. I turned him, trying to make the tight turn at the corner. He missed. We redid the whole thing until Shooter did not miss that cone.  It took us about five tries to get around the cone successfully. Once we got past the cone, we weaved the long part of the arena and went to the back of the line.

We loped then.  The person who was in the front of line would lope around the arena until they caught up with the rest of the class who was walking in a line. On my turn, I cued Shooter to lope. He started trotting, and went into his awkward, speedy lope. We got the the end of the line, and I praised him.  After everyone loped, we did a turn on the haunches and reversed directions before getting in line again. This time, people in the back of the line were to lope to the front, lope around the arena once more, and then walk at the front of the line.

On my turn, Shooter loped immediately, but broke down into a trot every time we passed the group. I praised him after.  We weaved around the cones again, one at a time, but the easier way this time. There was no tight turn we had to make. Shooter had no problem with this direction. We cooled down and left.

shooter1 watermark

shootster watermark


A/N: Hey everyone! This week’s lesson was pretty good….. I’m working on my legs but it’s gotten a lot better! I will have to stop lessons soon for summer, so I will not be doing posts about lessons for a while. Don’t expect one until late August, at the soonest! My last lesson will be March 16. I will post about summer camp, but that won’t happen until late July. Because my lessons are stopping, I will hope to become more active in my JHR series and hope for some good pictures! I hope my teachers don’t load me with homework so I can remember to work on my posting schedule!

Last week, I rode Centaur!  He was great, and we did leg yields again. We didn’t lope. 😦 No pictures either. 

Dyvergent ♥


33 thoughts on “Lesson: Is Weaving Cones Really That Hard?

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    • O.o i coulda replied to this at lunch. But i dont take my phone out at school really… Hahahaha i just got out xD (did you hear what happened at my school on the news?). But julia rides jup a lot?? Ehhh him and lakota xD

      BATTLE CRY. And they all come charging towards me.

    • YES OMG but i dont know of any lease horses and i suck at bridling and stuff and idk .-. like idk how to tell if a horse is like on the bit or has a flat back or is rounded enough or stuff like that

    • OH hahahah.xD chuck-E would be a fun jr rodeo horse. kat was telling me about how he’s a jr rodeo horse too (meaning hes a harder western c horse). or centaur. centaur seems pretty fun too

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