Writing Reflection

你好! (Hello in Chinese). It’s me, with a random post of my reflections about my older posts. I noticed that my writing has improved since I first opened this blog.

Hey, I’m back with the news about the Student Play Day!  I did CA Speed           Barrels, and I was competing against Dakino.  I know, Dakino, more advanced as me, in the same class?  WHAT?  Well, I went up to the office and mounted Lakota, the horse I was riding for the event.  I waited for my turn, and when I got in, I trot Lakota instantly. We did the pattern of CA Speed, shown below, and Lakota wouldn’t lope until after we turned around and we were going back to the finish line.  I didn’t hear my time after walking out of the arena with him, giving him a huge pat on his shoulder.  During the winning announcements, I was so surprised to be in the top 5! After, I was surprised to be in the top 2!  I got First place! Sadly Dakino didn’t place at all. 

I was going through my old posts, and found this. Reading these posts made me realize, wow. My writing has gotten so much better, ever since I started writing essays for English class (also known as language arts to some people) and working on this blog more. I read this following  sentence, and could not believe I had thought the sentence made sense.

We did the pattern of CA Speed, shown below,

I realized that this blog and my english class has helped me improve on my writing skills greatly. I was also reading another post about Smokey, and it sounded completely casual, and it sounded like I was trying to have a conversation with somebody. I also noticed I had some verb tenses issues, where I would write from both past and present tense in my post.

That’s all I will be posting for my reflection, but I found many more mistakes that I never mentioned. Just as a notification, I will be doing a “guess what it is” quiz soon!  It’ll probably be posted by the end of this weekend.

Lots of Love!



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