Lesson: Great Red Spot

Bonjour! This week, we were assigned horses, like we normally are. She told me I was going to ride Joe.. “Wait no. You’re going to ride Jupiter”. I got Jupiter (Dakino rode Prada Bag Thief!)! I nodded and waited for him to get walked up to the mounting stump. I got on, and had my stirrups shortened about one hole, but the stirrup nearly fell off, so I was one of the last people in the arena.

photo (2)

We warmed up, and I asked Jupiter to jog. He went into a nice, slow western jog. I didn’t need to hold him back, and he was on a loose rein. We were then told to drop our stirrups, so I did. I had saddle slipping issues, so I stopped in the middle of the arena and shifted my weight to the right to adjust the saddle while Christina tightened the cinch (she couldn’t tighten it any further).

We all walked, and loped one at a time. On my turn, Jupiter shot into a speedy lope. I checked on the reins, and then he started to veer towards the center of the arena. I put my left knee on him, and Jupiter made his circle larger.

After loping, we did a pole bending sort of exercise. We were supposed to do this pattern:


Green: starting point, Red: Trot, Purple: Lope, Blue: stopping point (also, please excuse my bad example… I cannot use paint well on my computer :p )

I asked Jupiter to jog, and he did. On our way up the straight part of the pattern, Jupiter tried loping. I checked him to go slower, and he remained at the jog. We weaved easily, U-turned, and weaved again. Then, we turned around and jogged/loped back. I turned Jupiter, and he shot off in his speedy lope. We finished the round and waited for the class to finish the exercise, then we walked on.


We reversed directions and loped again. This time, Christina was explaining to a younger girl what leads were. She said, “Dyvergent, pick up the lope.” I brought my outside leg back, and we loped off as Christina explained what leads were to the younger girl.

“Are you on the correct lead?” Christina asked. I glanced down and Jupiter’s shoulders, but got confused because of his breast collar. I answered with an unsure “yes?”. She said I was correct, and to walk Jupiter. I sat deeply in the saddle and he slowly relaxed and went into the walk.photo (1)

After, we did transition work. We were supposed to lope around the arena up to a cone, and then walk by the next cone, which was placed about two to three horse lengths away from the other cone.

It was our turn, and Jupiter loped forward while I got left behind. At the cone, he slowed to a trot, but did not get to a walk. On our second try, Jupiter made it, but by barely. I prepared him early, and he barely slowed down before the cone.  (if that made any sense.. I tend to not make sense)

We cooled down after, and I led Jupiter back up to the office after taking a cone out of the arena. I noticed someone familiar-was that Anna? From my summer camp two years ago? It was! We had a nice ‘reunion’ for a few minutes before I left. All in all, this week’s lesson was great!


A/N: I don’t know why, but I wanted to make my Author’s note orange this week. You should be proud of me, I actually posted on the day of our lesson and I didn’t slack off! See? I’m getting better at this. But sadly I got better on the week of my second to last lesson 😦 I have to take a break from lessons for spring/summer, until summer camp. So after next week, there will be no lesson posts for quite some time! I’m extremely upset about this. Hopefully I’ll be able to do the occasional trail ride and arena ride during the spring and summer. 

I noticed some major problems while riding this week. My legs were way too far forward. I seem to be physically unable to ever fix this. My shoulders were also unaligned, which distributes my weight unevenly. Hopefully I will be able to fix these issues as soon as possible.

Just so you know, I might be posting again later today about some of my adventures yesterday.

Au Revoir!



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