Lesson: Last Class

Last week, I rode the beautiful OTTB (off track thoroughbred, or ex-racehorse), Jetta! Dakino rode the tiny buckskin, Scotch, who I would have ridden if it weren’t for her. Jetta’s a beautiful horsie, and I was extremely excited to ride him. I mounted him and got my stirrups shortened before walking him into the arena.

I asked him to trot after we walked around the arena a few times, and he was hesitant. I smacked him with the reins, and he went into a slow, bouncy jog. I tried posting, but quit and sat the jog.

Later, we loped. I asked him to lope, and he loped off on the incorrect lead. It felt awkward, but I never made an attempt to fix it.  We loped again, the other direction. Jetta loped perfectly, and I sat in the saddle, feeling his nice lope. We did a turn on the forehand after everyone loped, and Jetta had some trouble at first, but then he understood what we were doing and did a flawless turn on the forehand (okay.. there were some flaws :P)

We did an exercise where we were to jog into two parallel poles, turn around, and jog out. The first time we did it, Jetta would back up and not stop. He finally understood after the last time we did it.

That was basically the lesson..


A/N: PLUM. THIS COLOR IS SO PRETTY. haha Hi everyone, the post was almost a week late but I had to work on a huge report and project-150 points total…but I survived! I hope I didn’t fail it…. But I’m back! This week was supposed to be my last lesson, but I’m doing one more set of lessons before summer! I cannot wait. Talk to you tomorrow! 

Dyvergent ♥


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