Lesson: #cray

….I watch too much Joey Graceffa. I don’t even watch him that much….But #teamyoutube in Amazing Race! (haha.. sorry I’m weird..) Long, pictureless post coming up… with some events happening…

So I showed up at the ranch, and Christina was taking role, and she assumed that I was absent. I told her I signed up for another eight lessons, and she let us choose our horses. We were not allowed to ride a horse we rode in the last two weeks, meaning I could not ride Jetta or Jupiter today. I chose to ride a horse I had never ridden before—a Garrod Farms mare, Wiz (or Wizard, whatever you would like to call her).

I got my stirrups shortened and walked her into the arena. I warmed her up, but she never really extended her walk into a working walk. I reversed directions, and asked her to jog. She didn’t jog, so I gave her a kick with my legs. Well, that got her going. I sat her bouncy jog, and had my cinch checked by Christina, like we are supposed to do.

She went to tighten the off side of the cinch, she noticed something off. A broken billet. Christina sent me up to the office to get a saddle change. I rode Wiz up, and dismounted. Trainees quickly traded saddles on her, and I got mounted up. By the time I got back, over half the class had already loped.

It was my turn to lope, so I squeezed her and kissed. She went to the trot, and went into a smooth lope. After loping about a circle, Christina told me drop my stirrups. Nobody knows how much I had wanted to lope without stirrups. I pulled my feet out of the stirrups, and sat deeply in the saddle, using my knee to stay on. She broke into a trot, and I gave Wiz a tap with my legs. She went into a lope, and I lost my balance. I regained it pretty quickly, and loped one more circle before walking her and picking up my stirrups.

We turned around by doing a turn on the haunches, so I turned her around. We walked along the rail while people loped in the center, like normal. Jetta was attempting to lope, but he turned out to be lame, so he had to go up and the rider had to get a horse change. On my turn, I kissed and tapped her sides, and she sprung into her lope. I dropped my stirrups, but I did not grip onto her enough and I slipped off. It was my first fall (or first “fall”? I don’t know if it would actually be considered a fall.. let me know in the comments!). I was hanging off the side of Wiz, and slipped down onto the ground. I walked around her and ground mounted her. gosh, so easy to ground mount.. The last horse I had ground mounted was the monster-sized horse, Elko, who was probably a hand taller or two.

I loped Wiz again, but with stirrups. After everyone in my class loped, we did some jogging exercises. We were supposed to jog either on the inside or the outside of a cone placed near the rail. I was supposed to jog on the inside of the rail, so I did. We dropped our stirrups, and I sat deeply, riding Wiz’s springy trot.

After some of the trotting work, we lined up and picked up our stirrups. For the individual exercise, we were supposed to lope to the end of the arena (if you haven’t noticed, the arena is my term for the half of the entire arena we have reserved for lessons..) and then halt at a cone.

My turn was.. interesting. I asked Wiz for the incorrect lead, which she picked up. Then, where we were supposed to halt, she ran through the bit ( cough Joe…) She didn’t halt until we were almost at the line of riders again. I backed her up, but it was more of an awkward diagonal back up, like she was leg yielding while backing up [ O.O ]. When the whole class completed the exercise, we cooled down our horses and dismounted.


A/N: Does Sea Green work better than plum? I hope you can read this 😛 well…. this week’s lesson was pretty interesting.. let me know if that was an actual fall, or  a “fall”. I would love to know! As I mentioned last week, I get to rid another series of lessons before I seriously have to stop riding. I didn’t get any lesson pictures, and I did not get to walk around with Dakino, so I do not have any pictures this week.

Dyvergent ♥


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