Vaulting Week: Intro

*first part is from my research report for English class*

Imagine yourself standing on a cantering horse. Now imagine yourself doing a handstand on the horse.

I got interested in vaulting when participating in a horseback riding camp, and I had to do basic vaulting every day. I also watched vaulters practice after summer camp, as one of the nation’s best vaulting clubs practices at the riding stable I attend weekly lessons.

I had some previous knowledge of vaulting before I began research. Vaulting is a sport where people perform gymnastics on top of a moving horse. I had known that vaulting is done mostly at the canter, but there is a level considered ‘trot team’, where vaulters perform at the trot, and beginners normally start vaulting at the walk. I had discovered in the past that there are different level teams, A, B, and C teams that have different level vaulters. I had known that balance is also essential for vaulters so they will remain on top of the horses. Watching vaulters practice, I learned that they do not wear helmets, since they knock the vaulters off balance. There are vaulting competitions that are held around the world, and vaulters perform routines to music playing. Vaulting is a difficult sport that I had some previous background knowledge about.

There are many types of gymnastics, but vaulting is more extreme than other types of gymnastics. Over the past week, I have been conducting research on a fairly uncommon subject, vaulting. I perused books from the library, searched through several encyclopedias, and surfed the internet for information on vaulting.

From these studies, I have collected an abundance of information, especially about the fact that vaulting is gymnastics on top of a moving horse. Equestrian vaulting is a difficult sport that has many safety standards and leads to positive effects on people.


A/N: Heyyy! Remember, this is from my English report.. but the information will be coming out tomrrow! This post was really bad 😛


Dyvergent ♥


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