Guest Post: The Equestrian Life in Cowboy Boots

On a good day, I’m full of energy and wouldn’t mind spending an hour or two picking out the perfect outfit. More often than not, though, I just throw on the first thing I see in my closet. The reason I haven’t become the neighborhood clown? I stock up on essentials, so I’m a one-minute dresser. Since everything within reach is stylish, whatever I put on is easy on the eyes. And what goes with everything? Cowboy boots.

As an equestrian, I have become accustomed to the lifestyle of being always on the move.  You learn things such as: bath time for the horse means bath time for you.  Hay in your hair is okay at the dinner table.  And heels? What are they… all I have is riding boots and cowboy boots.  Some would argue that cowboy boots are so last year, but frankly, it’s not true. Cowboy boots are always in style. My trusty brown boots have stepped out with dresses, tunics, skinny jeans, bell-bottoms and, yes, even on the muddy grounds of my horse’s stable.  If you can name another pair of shoes that can handle an equestrian lifestyle, be my guest.  My go-to combination is a simple white dress with Old Gringo boots. I just throw on a jacket on chillier days and a straw hat when it’s particularly balmy. Unless you’re in Milan or Paris, you can go anywhere in this outfit and be the best-dressed lady for miles around.

In the spring, I like to wear the boots with leggings, a great way to enhance the appearance of your legs.  I also take that skirt at the back of my closet out for a spin with my cowboy boots. In the stables, now that’s another story.  If I’m not wearing my riding boots for the day, cowboy boots are the only option for me.  My outfit choice for the stables is anything that I wouldn’t mind throwing in the mud and laughing about.  Usually that’s what happens anyways! I think the only thing that keeps me looking half decent are my cowboy boots, which retain their appearance no matter the conditions.

Cowboy boots are also pretty comfy, provided you pick a good pair. Sometimes shoes look great but don’t lend themselves well to a woman’s way of life:  We go from work to home to school, from store to store on the weekends, and run a multitude of errands in between. I can do all that in cowboy boots and not have miserable feet at the end of the day. The best part is that cowboy boots are a breeze to put on. Some boots zip up the sides, so in two seconds you’re good to go.

Cowboy boots are the perfect fashion accessory – stylish, versatile and comfortable. They go hand-in-hand with the equestrian lifestyle, and I couldn’t be happier with my cowboy boots.

By: Sara Nillo

-Sara Nillo is the Fashion Merchandiser for Sterling Leather – – and the Writer for their western fashion blog – .  Sara carries a degree in journalism and minor is fashion.  You can contact Sara through the Sterling Leather Twitter account @SterlingLeather or through her personal account @NilloSara_


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