Lesson: “…Well, he’s gotten speedier…”

Choosing. Kind of. Christina let us kind of choose our horses this week, asking us “who wants to ride…” and then saying a horse’s name.

“Who wants to ride Snickers this week?”

I looked around, nobody volunteering so I took advantage of the offer. I volunteered to ride Snickers, remember his nice, slow and smooth gaits. After finally mounting, I got my stirrups shortened and rode the horse into the arena. During warm up  he wasn’t being slow, but wasn’t being speedy. He was being…. Perfect. Then I asked him to jog. He went into a speedy, bumpy/bouncy smooth trot. Well, he’s gotten speedier.

1920x1080_Scribblenauts_WPa wm

We did jogging for a bit, and then we loped counterclockwise. On my turn, I didn’t really shorten my reins, not knowing he was still faster than last time I had ridden him. I brought my right leg back, squeezed, and kissed. He sped up into the trot, and quickly shot into a quick, speedy lope. I sat, partly scooping his smooth lope.  Christina told me how she liked that I loped him with a loose rein. After a round and a half around the arena, I jogged him on the rain of the arena while the rest of the class loped individually.

We halted and did a turn on the haunches, and walked on. We loped again, and on my turn, I didn’t shorten my reins again, knowing he was controllable with looser reins. I squeezed and kissed, and Snickers shot into his fast, smooth lope. We loped around, past the group, and walked at the back of the line (that made no sense..)

After, I somehow ended up at the front of a line. Christina put two ground poles parallel to each other in the middle of the arena, and we were supposed to go through, alternating the direction we turn when we exit the poles (turn to the left half of the arena, then right, left, repeat). We did the exercise at a walk for a few times around the arena, and then we started to do it at the jog. I had to pass a few people, but the exercise was.. successful 😀Garrods 4.6.13 029 wm

After the ground poles, we lined up going clockwise in the sun and did an individual exercise. We were supposed to jog over the ground poles, take a right turn at the end of the arena, and jog through the poles. After, we were to make a right turn at the rail and jog over the poles again. Then, we had to jog to the end of the arena, turn to the right, and lope along the rail around the arena to the end of the line. (did that make any sense? I’ll try to draw it… I’m so lazy.)

On my turn, Snickers went into a quick, extended jog. We went over the ground poles easily, but he turned too late when we were supposed to go through the poles. We made it through successfully, but when we were about to go over the ground poles again, he reared/bucked/spooked (I still don’t really know what he did..) and halted. I almost kept going forward, but caught myself and asked him to jog over. We loped around without issues.

Then, we did the same thing, but instead of only turning right, we did it to the left. This time, Snickers over thought about it and kind of panicked. I was reminded to take deep breaths, so I did. We finished off well, without many issues. After the exercise, we cooled down.

Garrods 4.6.13 038 wmGarrods 4.6.13 031 wm


A/N: MAROON. MAROON. Hi everyone 🙂 So.. I had a lesson. And I scared my mom during it. I didn’t get to walk around with Dakino, but I did get some pictures this time! YAY! Next Sunday is the breed showcase, and I really hope I can go. Maybe I’ll be able to go with Dakino? Well, I don’t have much to say so yeah bye!

Dyvergent ♥


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