Breed Showcase!

Hello! On Sunday, I went to Garrod Farms’s Breed Showcase. It was really fun, and I learned a lot about different breeds that live at Garrod Farms.

They started off with the Arabian, showing somebody’s four (or five) year old chestnut arabian. After, they showed the Fjord, Engela. Engela was led around the arena a few times, walking and trotting while the announcers spoke.

The Quarter horse was next, and they showed Miss California Rodeo Salinas and her horse, who were doing reining (? not 100% sure).  Another Quarter horse was demonstrated in trail riding, opening a gate, side passing next to a ground pole, and backing up in a narrow area. One last Quarter Horse had demonstrated tricks, like giving his owner a kiss, and smiling.

After, they showed Paint horses. Buster, my friend’s ex-lease horse and another horse, Poco, were demonstrating the breed. Poco was lame, sadly. Buster walked, jogged, and loped around while the announcer explained the breed, including the different color patters, like overo (Buster), tobiano, and tovero (Poco).

Appaloosas. Sierra the appaloosa was led around the arena, and I learned taht Appaloosas are great endurance horses.

Then was the Morgan horse. A Saturday trainee was in it, and rode her lease horse and another palomino horse showed in it. After their turn, a Morgan gelding named Pasha performed his special trick-sticking his head through a loop of rope.

Polly, a Quarab, was shown too. A quarab is a Quarter horse/Arabian mix. Apparently, there is a National Show Horse at Garrod farms. It was ridden saddle seat, and some Tennessee Walking Horses joined the NSH, performing their walking pace gait thing :L I don’t know what it’s called.

Last but not least. Apollo came out and performed! Apollo is a flaxen liver chestnut (really dark :L) Rocky Mountain horse, and he performed a gait that they can perform


A/N: I leave a lot of authors notes :L well this was a quite terse post.. and uninformational and written horribly. 😛 well thats all I have a post coming out probably tomorrow bout my horsie adventures today 😀





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