Lesson: Half-Class

Everyone was on Spring Break. This week, most people in my class were on spring break, so they missed class. There were only 5 people in our class. Christina assigned us our horses, and she gave me a horse I haven’t ridden for a while, Centaur.

I mounted and got my stirrups shortened- I mean lengthened. We walked into the arena, and warmed up. While jogging, Centaur acted lame and limped, but he wasn’t actually lame. Centaur was really hot and distracted, not responding as well.

We did leg yielding to the rail for a while, and then we loped. I rode Centaur’s lope, which seems to have been speedier. We reversed directions, and loped twice again. After, we did some turning-on-the-haunches before dismounting and going up to the office.


A/N: Sorry for the short post! I’m really tired… and I don’t remember the lesson much 😛 



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