Lesson: Getting Better

This week, we were assigned our rides again. I got the really adorable arab, Rey! I got mounted up, and walked straight into the arena without having to get anything adjusted. We warmed up, and instead of sitting Rey’s bouncy Arab jog, I tried to post it.

Also during warmup, I had to hop off and shorten one stirrup. I tried getting on, but failed. Rey started walking and I had to attempt mounting again. I got up onto his back, and trotted for warm up again. Then, we were supposed to veer to the right and left across the track in the arena (caused by previous beginner classes). Rey was not very responsive at first, but understood what to do finally and moved across the track.

Most of our lesson was on improving our skills on only using our seat/legs to steer, and not using our hands. We did some more leg yielding, Rey behaving well throughout it.

We loped. I brought my leg back, kissed, and gave Rey a slight tap with the reins when he didn’t lope, and he went into a smooth lope. After we did the leg yielding and loping, we did the barrel (clover-leaf) pattern at the walk, but we were not allowed to use our hands at all. We were only allowed to pull up, to straighten our horses out. Rey didn’t turn well, mainly because I didn’t put enough pressure on his side.

After everyone went, we dismounted and went up to the office. 🙂 That’s all for the lesson post


A/N: ‘Sup readers? How has life been? Sorry I haven’t been writing… there’s state testing (STAR) going on, and I’m getting tested in all of my classes except for my elective… so I’m studying for the history test right now :p. Well, I finally got the lesson post up! I feel like I’ve been neglecting this blog… I’ll try my best to do more of my stuff I need to do on this.. and guess what! I might make a ‘story’… so I might post an excerpt if it ends out well.. which it probably won’t…. And also, I tried uploading pictures but wordpress won’t let me. So I’ll try to get the images up ASAP!




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