Sorry I haven’t been posting any lessons OR JHR… I have really been leaving this blog untouched. I just have so much stuff going on right now, but I finished state testing and stuff. The bad thing is that I still have a ton of homework. But not this weekend! So maybe I can post a late JHR or something…

Well, two weeks ago, I rode the Tank again, Nicoya! He was great, and is a lot better compared to last time I rode him. He was a lot more responsive this time, and I like Nicoya a ton more compared to before.

Nicoya 013 wm

Last week, I rode Mitten. Mitten used to be Christina’s horse, but for some reason now he’s a string (lesson) horse. I don’t really know what I think of him, he wasn’t responsive to my leg, and he has a really awkward lope.

I will be skipping lessons this week, since I’m going to a R5 concert in San Francisco, yay! I won’t post any lesson stories, because of the concert, but on Sunday I might post something special for you! (or maybe not xD)

Sadly, my last lesson for a while will be May 25th I won’t have anymore lesson posts after that until I start riding, but I promise to write all about summer camp when the time comes (late July-early August).

One last thing: I’ll be participating in the student show coming up May 31st! It will be my first official student show I’m participating in, so I am really excited for this. I signed up for the advanced class (with Dakino…).

That’s all I really have to say right now, so until next time,

Dyvergent ♥


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