Horse Questions!

So Dakino did a tag type of thing, where she made up some questions and answered them. This will be in place of Just Horsin’ Around, since I have no good horse pictures! So here they are! (they are all my opinion, and I deleted some from the original, since I don’t have a horse.

1: If you were a horse, what would you look like (color, markings, etc), what discipline would you do, and what would you be like to ride?

I would want to be.. I don’t know.. bay? Probably a bright bay or a bay tobiano. If i was a bright bay, I would probably want to have a blaze.. But not a huge blaze. Just a small one. xD I’d want to do a mix of disciplines.

2: How many barns have you ridden at?

Like literally ridden at? Like if i just rode there once ever? Because if its the number of places ive ridden at, i’d say 4-5? But if its places I’m a normal rider at, it’s 2.

3: What kind of bay do you prefer? (bright bay, blood bay, etc)

I like bright bays the best.

4: Can you braid a horses mane? Tail?

I can braid tails, but not manes.

5: Do you believe that you have to fall off in order to be a good rider?

Nope! A lot of equestrians told me I was a great rider before I had my first fall (which wasn’t very traumatizing. It did teach me something though.)

6: What do you think is more important: eq or effective riding?

Effective riding. I mean, if a horse gets out of hand, it’s better to be in control of it with an imperfect form, than to have perfect form without the horse in control.

7: Are there any “horse couples” at your barn?

Oh. Yes. *cough* Kass flirting with Prima

8: Have you ever made any horse friends through the internet?

Yeah, I’ve made two. Only because I trusted them and they both ride/rode with my instructor. Dakino and Maya, hi!

9: Would you buy horse furniture?

I wouldn’t unless it wasn’t too horsey. I mean horse art is cool.

10: Funniest horsey moment


11: Post a picture of your horse (or any horse) making a silly face that you got on camera!

I don’t have any at the moment.

12: What’s a moment with horses that you wished you caught on camera?

I don’t know. Maybe when I rode english for the first time…

13: How old was the youngest horse you’ve met?

Um, a gypsy foal that was only a few months old.

14: How old was the oldest horse you’ve met?

Don’t know.. A 44 year old that was in my sister’s camp before I moved barns?

15: Opinion on colorful tack? (like red or blue)

Eh, I’m cool with colorful pads and bareback pads and stuff, but i dont really like colorful saddles or bridles

16: Have you ever tried horse treats? Hay?

Sadly no 😦

17: Have you ever felt like giving up on a horse?

Not yet.

18: Tell the story about the horse that you first felt “click” immediately with you (and if you can’t remember, most recent ;))

Yes. Elko. I LOVED him when Garrod’s still owned him. Every time I rode, I would hope to be assigned him and he was super responsive, but challenging at the same time.

19: Ever ridden side-saddle? How was it?


20: Most interesting place you’ve ridden at.

Er.. I don’t ride at interesting places. I only ride in arenas and occasional trail rides in the park.

21: What kind of horse do you like? (sport, stock, endurance, etc)

I like sport and stock horses a lot xD drafts too.

22: Do you feel like you have more patience with horses than people?

Yes. Definitely.

23: Is the horse you ride very vocal?

I ride a lot of different horses, and they’re all different.

24: Ever ridden in the sunset?

No, but I want to!

25: How do you like a horse’s mane? (roached, pulled, long, etc)

I love long manes.

36: What is your dream name for a horse?

I don’t know… I’d probably name a gelding Rocky or after a different R5 member. And if I had a mare, I honestly have no clue what I’d name her


Dyvergent ♥


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