Elmo’s World

Haha, no I don’t watch Sesame Street. This post is actually about the horse I rode, Elmo! Elmo is some sort of red roan mix breed, but he probably is part arabian (he acts a lot like one and kinda has a build like one?). His reins were really weird compared to what I’m used to, since it was a single rope, instead of split leather reins. I also was put into a BMS saddle, which was slightly too small (but I was able to deal with the size of the saddle).

When I walked into the arena, I kind of didn’t walk. Elmo decided he wanted to jog into the arena. I pulled him to a walk, though he tried to run through the bit. We warmed up, Elmo doing a quick working walk. After warm up, we talked a bit about form and steering before we did a steering activity. At the trot,we were supposed to circle at every other cone in the corners of the arena. Elmo had some difficulty turning a majority of the time, while I tried to sit his joppy trot.

“Everybody post!”

I began to post his trot, while circling around the cones. Later after the exercise, we did a round robin lope where we lined up (and walked int he line) while the person at the front of the line loped to the end of the line. On my turn, I squeezed and kissed but Elmo thrashed around into a death trot. I finally got him to lope one stride, before we ran out of space to lope any more. I praised him, and after the class all finished, we went again before reversing directions and loping again. Tracking right, we were allowed to drop our stirrups.

I got Elmo to lope, and dropped my stirrups. We did this again the next time, and after we did some trotting stirrupless. We posted and did two point stirrupless, which was difficult with Elmo’s short, speedy gait.

We dismounted to the right of our horses, and led them up to the office.


A/N:  Hello everyone! I’m sick. Again. But I still have my student show on Friday! I can’t wait 😀 sorry i’ve been so lazy..




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