Student Show!

Hey everybody! So I participated in Garrod Farms’s Student Show that takes place late spring every year.

I was in Class #7, Western 3. Western 3 was told to be the most advanced western class that was being held. In the class was Dakino, Maria from our class, Jennifer (who takes private lessons), and I. I got little Jupiter, and was the only person who was able to mount early because all other horses in our class were being used for class #6.

We did some jogging and then circling at the jog, which we had to do several times since we made our circles too wide. We were told to extend our horses trot, but both Dakino and I heard the direction as “stand at the trot” so we got super confused. We finally got the message to extend, and later loped in both directions before getting our results.

I got 3rd Place! Dakino got first (say congratulations to her on her blog if you haven’t already!).

Some things that I were told about my riding were the following:

  • I have a fairly nice form, except my right Β hand falls back when I ride, causing my left shoulder to move forward
  • I didn’t get Jupiter into an extended jog
  • I had good control over Jupiter

DyvergentΒ β™₯



103 thoughts on “Student Show!

    • πŸ˜› Don’t worry, when I’m not paying attention, I have horrible grammar. And I got an A in honors english all year last year. And I’m taking some more honors next year. So you’re not alone.

    • It depends. Sometimes a bunch of experienced riders join it, and sometimes a bunch of inexperienced people join. Dakino is a good example. She did a Western A camp, but the people in her camp were experienced enough that their camp was more like a B camp. But when she did Western B, there were less experienced people so the level of the camp was more like an A camp.

  1. Is she like an English rider? Because there was an English rider in my Western A and she could barely steer and her horse was well temperamental and when she lost her stirrup she was asked our counselor for help because she lost the stirrup. And so that’s why we could not really lope.

    • She’s not the worst rider I’ve seen, definitely. But I haven’t seen her ride for a full year already, so if she has been riding frequently she is probably a lot better of a rider now.

  2. I promise I’m not a murderer. Yeah we need to meet during camp. Maybe after we get our horses we meet each other.

    • ikr ;_;just a month and 3 days left until camp starts πŸ˜€ but the end of camp literally means end of summer for me cuz i start school on august 13th… and I have to read 2 books and write 3 essays still…

    • From the ranch’s website:

      – All of the subjects listed in WESTERN A more extensively – Equine first aid, diseases and common treatments – Instruction in horse breeds, breeding, and training – Feeds and feeding for particular needs – Introduction to gymkhana, showing, advanced horsemanship – Use of obstacle courses and figure work

      So.. yeah. And you go on a lunch trail ride on one of the days, and it takes up an entire day πŸ˜€

    • er… I don’t think so. I think he’s more used for green as grass and A, he’s actually a beginner horse. I’ve seen him doing rec camp… if you know what that is.

    • yeah. when the 1:00 class ends, we all have to take a cone and put it outside the arena next to the announcers booth before taking our horses up (we always dismount in the arena.. i don’t think I’ve ever ridden up to the arena after a lesson since the 12:00…)

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