Just Horsin’ Around: Dressage!

Okay, so I couldn’t think of a good title. But I’m finally bringing back Just Horsin’ Around! I’ve been super duper lazy and forgetful.. but I finally remembered so you should praise me. Just kidding.

Ever since I went to the Horse expo, I’ve been seriously obsessed with dressage. So I decided to use a video this week for Just Horsin’ Around. I found this dressage to be amazing, and I seriously don’t know how people can do dressage this well. All I can do is turns on the haunches and forehand, and side pass. This is really pretty and advanced, and I love how Anky does her performance to music specialized perfectly for every single beat of the routine, and they composed the music specially for this.  (did that even make sense?)



One thought on “Just Horsin’ Around: Dressage!

  1. Initially I was a hunter/jumper, until I decided to buy a rank horse. That’s when I started training in Dressage. It changed not only my horse, but me. It is sequential in the training, and it became such an enlightening experience I share it with all of my riders. I wish you the best- it is actually an eye opening experience because it is all about leg and seat.


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