Just Horsin’ Around: Drill Team

Okay, so I don’t know why I’m sharing this video with you guys, but it’s me doing drill team last year for summer camp! Please don’t critique my riding, this is from a year ago and was before I actually started taking year-round lessons. If you haven’t noticed from my pictures, my riding has improved a huge amount from back then. (and I’m wondering how I got Elko to lope slower than normal…)

Dyvergent ♥


23 thoughts on “Just Horsin’ Around: Drill Team

    • I’m not 100% sure. Because I had a fairly beginner camp (because of that one person) but I’ll let you know this year. The horses are pretty easy to ride in the camp though, other than who, chuck e? it’s a really fun camp. you do drill team and lunch ride and a ton of fun stuff.

  1. If I took like group lessons in the spring would that be considered riding like through out the year and not only in the summer?

    • oh, you can just mention that you did lessons in spring, plus you do camp every year then… the counselors will use that to help determine your suitable horse for the camp

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