Scotch or Scout?

Today I went horseback riding. Yep. I actually went horseback riding again for the first time in a month. Shocking, right? Well I went on a trail ride today for my birthday, with two of my friends. The ranch was super busy today, with a huge birthday party and a ton of people doing trail rides.

I was naming all the horses I saw, and I saw a trainee lead out a buckskin horse that looked IDENTICAL to Scotch. Almost, at least. It was really difficult to tell the difference, and I actually had thought Scout was Scotch.

I was assigned Scout, and when they brought him up to the mounting block, the yelled “Scout?”. I was in doubt, thinking it was Scotch. But I got on anyways. The trainee knew me already, knowing I was experienced so she didn’t have to teach me the basics on riding for the trail.

The trail was fairly normal, I even found out that the trainee taking the rear of the trail had an identical helmet to mine and almost identical boots. After the trail, I went through a speed round around the ranch, speed walking and quickly taking pictures of horses all in ten minutes.

Lame late night post, I know. But don’t worry! I’ll have many posts coming up (10.. to be exact). Summer camp is coming in exactly a week, and I’ll be posting about each and every day! I can’t wait!

trail ride 7.14.13 542 watermark


Scout! (haha i forgot to add a caption so…)trail ride 7.14.13 550 watermark

My friend Sarah riding Ben.trail ride 7.14.13 565 watermark

Lia of Just That Random Blog riding princetrail ride 7.14.13 566 watermark

Does anyone not see the similarities?

Does anyone not see the similarities?


DyvergentΒ β™₯


75 thoughts on “Scotch or Scout?

    • I don’t have a second favorite.. It’s hard to compare the horses i love. Theyre all my favorites for different reasons. And i dont know if shes doing camp, i can ask her later if you want

  1. Yeeeep. Almost every weekend. How long was your trail ride and when did it start? When did th next trail start?

  2. Who would you enter in the Playday Show? Out of all the Arabs at Garrod Farms which one is the hardest to ride? The easiest?

  3. If you do CAT then you should probably CAT a Weatern B camp because then you don’t have to bridle every single horse.

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