Just Horsin’ Around: Squish Butt

Okay, so this horse’s real name is not ‘Squish Butt’. It’s Warren. But Squish Butt is what Dakino and I call him. I chose this picture because.. Dakino probably wants to see what her Warren looks like right now. So Dakino.. here he is! :3

The tree branch got in the way...


Also, if you have nothing to do, check out some of my blogs (and Dakino’s).

Music Blog: http://justthatrandommusicblog.wordpress.com/

Pinto Pony (collab with Dakino): http://pintoponyblog.wordpress.com/


54 thoughts on “Just Horsin’ Around: Squish Butt

    • I’ll try to do play day in general today. but if i do play day, I’m definitely doign CA speed. my least favorite is probably keyhole.. I’m really bad at it..

  1. What horse did you get? Who got Joe and is she a good rider? Is your camp experience and who is the best rider?

    • I’m the only asian in camp…. LOL i smiled at you xD i got chuck e. and katherine or something got joe. I don’t really wanna sound full of myself but i think im the best rider xD

  2. Yeah and I don’t know yet. Is Katherine nice and is she a good rider. GOD SHERLOCK”S JOG IS SOOOOO BOUNCY! And I slipped of Smokey today. Who did you want and do you like Chuck-E? LOL Every time I passed Joe I was like petting him and looking at him.

    • Yeah she’s nice :3 and everyone’s a decent rider in my camp. Haha you know how Ande was talkin about how c camp knows how to post and all that jazz already? Well.. Posting will help a TON when you learn it. Like i can’t sit Chuck-E’s super fast bouncy trot (well i can with effort) and so Kat was like “just post on Chuck-E” I honestly wanted Snickers/Centaur/Joe/Chuck-E for camp. I actually really love Chucks even though he’s so hard to ride.. He’s really sweet on the ground (and SUPER easy to bridle). Haha 😮 you and joe. XD i was surprised when i saw all the C horses i wanted in my camp

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