Summer Camp: Day 1

Hi everyone! The highly anticipated summer camp has begun today! I’m doing a two week Western C camp, with Kat in red camp. When we first walked down to the day camp area and I saw the horses on the rail I presumed was ours, I was shocked. Centaur, Snickers, Joe, Chuck-E, and Shooter. All amazing horses to ride. You don’t even know how torn I was between the horses I wanted.

After a while of debating, Kat decided. I was going to ride the crazy bay Chuck-E. We untacked (which I didn’t have to do) and groomed our horses before re-saddling and going on a morning ride before vaulting. I have always been bad at bridling, but Chuck-E is really easy to bridle, like Elko. Joe is being a giraffe again, and lifting his head a lot again. Just to tell some specific people (*cough*).

On our ride, we warmed up before trotting. When we jogged (sitting), Kat told me to just simply post Chuck-E’s jog. So I did.

We emergency dismounted off our horses and walked them back to day camp, where we untacked them and got them water. We had noon vaulting, where we did basic maneuvers like the riding seat, flag, and mill. We did them on the vaulting barrel before getting on the horse, the same as last year’s, Smokey.

When we finished vaulting, we ate lunch and watched orange camp vault. We finished lunch, changed, and went to groom our horses and tack up. We then bridled them and walked into the pony arena with them, and groundmounted. Which Chuck-E has a lot of work to do…. We did the same stuff as up at Vista Arena, but we did this leg steering exercise where we had to drop our reins to the knot (tied at the top) and not anything else, and steer our horses at the jog around the arena. My turns weren’t the best. Chuck-E loped off and I spent the whole time just slowing him down.

We emergency dismounted at the end and walked our horses to water before loosening their cinches and getting ourselves water.

We cleaned up our area and waited for all camps to be ready before we took our horses up to pastures/office.


Sorry for the post delay, I was really tired last night and I procrastinated. So I wrote this at 6:00 in the morning before I got ready for camp. JUST FOR YOU. But it was horribly written. But I don’t really care because I’m going to camp in an hour. 

That was a weird author’s note..

Dyvergent ♥


40 thoughts on “Summer Camp: Day 1

  1. Sherlock is really hardto bridle because he is quote Ande “a wiggle worm and can’t stay still while bridling cause he backs up and moves a lot so yeah.

  2. Lol Tonto was like runningaway from camp. When Ande was asking us to loosen our cinches I was like I already did it and then she was like rock on and then was like Haha I taught her well. Who do you think is the hardest horse in our camp? Our horses are Sherlock, Mittens, Soldier, Rimrock, Wiz, Elmo, Reuven, Prince, and Piglet. Is Chuck-E the hardest horse in your camp?

    • wow xD Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve never ridden Reuven, Soldier, Rim, Prince, or Piglet, so I can’t really tell you. If I see you guys riding, I’ll let you know what I think. But Mitten MIGHT be the hardest horse if the camp horses are easy to ride. But then again, did someone say Prince was young? Because I think Julia told me that… 😛

  3. Probs Sherlock is a pain because he turns a corner and gets praised and forgets how to do it on like 3 seconds. I like see other people with their horse jog and it is smooth But they say it is bouncy and Iwaa like you think that is bouncy then ride Sherlock. When I asked Julia if she knows you she’s aid she did not???

    • lolol what name did you say…? xD Julia actually called me after I mounted this afternoon asking if I was doing camp next week too 😛 we talk fairly often. and HAHA you should ride Chuck-E when he’s trotting fast and you’re not posting and he’s not slowing down (he’d only go to a walk) and he won’t stay on the rail. That happens a lot for me…

  4. Lol when I was loping I kinda did not steer him and when I jog him it is literally like flying up then plopping down really fast.

    • haha when you lope you should just put some pressure on your inside leg to keep him on the rail. Then you get to have more loping time 😀 haha. and for trotting, if you’re allowed to post, you should then. Just every time you sit down give him a tap with your leg cues

  5. LOL Sherlock was the first horse I bridled since Western A does not allow you to bridle and he is NOT a good first to bridle he moves his head up down sideways hitting me then he randomly jerks in the other direction. Ande could barely bridle him.

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