Summer Camp: Day 2

Today was a regular day at camp. We got our horses, untacked, and groomed. Once we finished grooming, we all tacked our horses back up and bridled.

On our first lesson, we warmed up our horses, walking and trotting in both directions. Today’s main focus was to use our thighs to stay on the horse, not the stirrups. We also worked on our form and steering without our reins. Meaning we had a fairly stirrupless day today. We dropped our stirrups after a bit and practiced our sitting jog without stirrups.

We had 11:00 vaulting today, where we did the forwards click, back click, and stand. I did these on Smokey at the walk, and walked off his hind end as my dismount. We ate lunch at vaulting too, and my food attracted wasps. -.- great.

We did a little form lesson on a good friend of Dakino and me, Woody! ‘Woody’ is actually just a long wooden saddle rack. We lined up our saddles on ‘Woody’ and did a lesson on form on him.

After lunch, my camp went back and changed, and re-groomed and saddled our horses for our afternoon ride. We bridled and mounted, riding in the Pony Arena again. This time, we worked even more on our form, stirrupless. We even had to post stirrupless (my second time doing it, and it is still just as painful). But Kat said I did well in stirrupless posting! We also loped, and when I was in the front of the line, I ended up having to circle Chuck-E until he calmed down before I could get him to continue and lope. We did one round and changed directions. This time, the same thing happened, but I was focused on pushing him to the rail (since apparently I did well loping him). We walked our horses and all turned into the center, and worked on loping our horses on the rail and keeping them from going back to the ‘herd’. On my turn, I went alone (unlike everyone else in my camp, because Chuck-E lopes too fast for all the horses…and we had a weird number of riders loping) Chuck-E wouldn’t go back to the rail while loping, so I ended up having to give him a “time out”. Where all the horses were in the middle of the arena and Chucks had to stand in the corner, facing away from them. He had to stand still for a full five seconds before he could return. Which wasn’t easy for him. He kept trying to turn and lope off , so I had to split my reins to keep him where I wanted him.

After we loped, we worked on turns on the haunches and forehand. I tried doing it with Chuck-E, but he would not move at all. He would stand there with his head down as if he were snoozing in the arena. We dismounted after and watered our horses, before prepping them to go to their homes for the night.


this was an awkward post…



8 thoughts on “Summer Camp: Day 2

  1. We got to lope over poles today! Is your Western C advanced? Do you like your first Western C or your second one better?

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