Summer Camp: Day 3

Yesterday for camp, we did a lot of stuff. We got our horses, untacked, groomed, and resaddled before we went on a morning ride.

In the pony arena, we did our stirrupless lesson again, where we walked and sat the jog stirrupless. We also did more of the posting trot stirrupless, which is still really painful to do. We then got in a line and loped our horses, and I was to work on pushing Chuck-E on the rail and not holding onto him too much to slow him down.

We did turns on the haunches and forehand to reverse directions while walking, and then dismounted and untacked our horses (I didn’t have to, our CAT was going to work him on her break) and went to vaulting.

At vaulting, we just practiced everything we already learned at the walk. We ate lunch after, and my campΒ freaked out about a wasp surrounding us trying to get to our food.

Once we finished eating and changing, we tacked up and rode in Pony Arena again. Β We did more stirrupless posting jog, posting with our stirrups, and standing in the saddle while stirrupless. At the end of the lesson, we loped and I focused on pushing Chuck-E onto the outside, on the rail.


39 thoughts on “Summer Camp: Day 3

  1. Lol Sherlock was a but to me today. How was everyone else? Someone was crying cause her horse was “stubborn” and I was like hey look at what I have to deal with.

    • LOL i noticed we were all wondering why she was crying, since she did nothing wrong. Horses have minds of their owns and sometimes they have moments where theyre just like “HEY I DONT WANT TO LISTEN TO YOU”

  2. I did not know why she was crying her horse was not super stubborn. That girl always gives up on her horse and almost never rode.

    • looper πŸ˜› loper. and I honestly don’t know πŸ˜› my camp was talking the whole time and they were being weird and distracting if you didn’t notice πŸ˜›

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