Summer Camp: Days 4-6

On Thursday, we did two rides- one in jumping arena, and the other was a trail ride. On our jumping arena ride, we did mostly the same stuff as normal. Posting stirrupless, sitting the jog stirrupless, loping, working on our form, etc. During vaulting, we started vaulting at the trot. We did riding seat, flag, and mill. We took a trail (and surprisingly didn’t get lost).

On Friday, we rode in the jumping arena, and did our normal riding, nothing special. Except for loping; Chuck-E ran off and I ended up circling him around the tree in the arena. We vaulted at the trot, doing forward and backward click, and stand. We ate lunch and watched yellow and orange camps’ show.

Today we rode twice in the jumping arena. On the first ride, we didn’t do any stirrupless posting and did our normal ride, where we jogged, posted, walked, and loped. Whenever Chuck-E loped too fast, I would circle him until he got into a slower lope. We had one o’clock vaulting, where we did all the compulsories at the trot. We also got to walk off the butt of Smokey, and since i fell off his side, I got to go back on after everyone in my camp finished the original compulsories. I tried vaulting on at the trot, and ended up running around the circle three times before getting a leg up. We rode in jumping arena in the afternoon, and we weaved cones at the walk and trot before loping. When we did lope, we were allowed to lope over a ground pole. Chuck-E shied away from it a few times, but went over it the first time we approached it when I was circling him to slow his lope down.


A/N: I apologize for this being late! I was exhausted on Thursday, and busy on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I’m not going to be making a Just Horsin’ Around for this week and last week, since I have summer camp. 



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